Terrarium care guide

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A terrarium is a living, almost self-sufficient habitat where there is a balance between air, water, condensation and nutrition with the only external factor, being light. Some plants will do better than others but you will see that after a few months, the terrarium will be leading its own life. Do not worry if there is a dead plant, this occurs in nature and is part of the cycle.



Terrariums love of bright indirect sunlight, a bright room is desired. Be sure to keep your terrarium away from direct sun. The best spot for a closed terrarium is a spot near a window facing north side. The more light, the faster the plants will grow. Do you want to place it close to a window facing east or west? Please make sure to place the terrarium a bit further away from the window. Close to a window facing south is too bright for the plants due to direct sunlight. Rotate the terrarium once a month about 180 degrees if the plants start to grow in one same direction.



The key to a successful terrarium is condensation. Inside the glass, the water cycle is happening and if water levels are correct, condensation should form on one side of the terrarium about once a day. If no condensation forms on the coolest side of the terrarium, during the day, add a couple of tablespoons of water a day until it does (preferably with a clean spray bottle or atomizer). It is always best to err on the side of less water; it is more difficult to remove water from a terrarium than it is to add it. Keep an eye on the soil, if it stays dark colored it’s good!


*Water your terrarium with distilled water or rainwater will help prevent mineral deposits from forming on the glass of the terrarium.

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