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My plant loses leaves

This is a natural process when the leaves grow older or must be replaced. Falling leaves will naturally occur to many plants, and you may notice this happening to some of your plants in the first month or so. This is just your plants adjusting to their new surroundings, shedding their old leaves and producing new stronger shoots. Don’t panic, the falling leaves are nutritious for the soil.

There is mould on my plant

The trouble with creating these humid environments is that it is also the perfect environment for mould to form. In the first few weeks mould sometimes develops on the leaves, moss or branches. It usually looks like a white or grey fluffy layer. The elements in the terrarium are all settling in and adjusting to their new environment, so mould is quit normal. Remove the mould as quickly as possible with a brush or clean towel. If the mould is on a whole leaf or a large part of it, then cut the leaf with steal and all. Leave the cork out for a few days to let the conditions settle. Repeat this process until you leave the cork on again. You can also move your terrarium to a bit cooler place, but with enough daylight.

There are insects in my terrarium

Not all insects are harmful to the plants in your terrarium. If you see earthworms, centipedes, or flies in the substrate, you can let them sit quietly. They do not harm the plants. If your bottle has not been closed for that long, you can open it for a moment so that the flies can fly outside. When your terrarium has been closed for a while, you can put the bottle in a cold place. If there are slugs and house snails in there, remove them to prevent them from eating your plants.

There is a lot of condensation in my terrarium

If your bottle has not been closed for so long, let your bottle breathe by removing the cork. Is the bottle in a light place? Then place it a little further from the window. It is possible that your bottle becomes too hot which can lead to over condensation.

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