Project: Pienemanstraat

Location: De Pijp, Amsterdam

Program: Residential

Assignment: Green interior landscape

Year: 2019

Size: 6m3

Green design: Studio Wüst, Malou Wüstefeld

Architect:  Standard Studio

Glass: Dutch Glass Design





We proudly created this indoor jungle located in the bed-bathroom on the highest floor of a newly renovated house in the lively neighbourhood de Pijp, Amsterdam. This 6m3 green oasis is designed as an extension of the shower where we bring the feeling of showering outside indoor. The greenhouse is fenced by glass with an opening to the shower, so this enhances the feeling of showering outside while gives easy access to the plants to take care.


Together with the builder contractor and the client, Studio Wüst developed the idea of the container and created the concept for the greenery. The plant inspiration comes from the love Malou feels for Southern American flora with the contrasts in colour, texture, patterns and shapes. We used plants that are native to this continent such as Philodendron family, Calathea family and Ferns. The design is inspired by the concrete jungle and the unbounded nature that breaks through concrete walls. We created high and depth differences and located plants so they can start climbing. A beautiful lush jungle oasis where within time greenery takes over the 60m2 space. We can’t wait!

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