Project: Meeting Space Garden

Location: Fatih Mosque, Rozengracht Amsterdam

Assignment: Permanent installation 'The Lost Garden'

Year: 2020

Design: Studio Wüst Reveco

Wood work: Jeroen Minnaert

Photography: Malou Wüstefeld




We created a biophilic indoor landscape in the old garden of the Mosque, which was once lost to building constructions and now serves as a meeting space. We designed a planter made from natural-wood in an organic shape that approaches the natural experience of a landscape. This is complemented by creating different heights simulating natural hills. 


For the coherence between nature, functional space and visitor we used vegetation that occurs in the Quran such as the date palm, fig tree and olive tree.


This indoor landscape was designed to reinforce the connection between the visitors of the Mosque and nature with the purpose to stimulate relaxation and more awareness and it creates a positive state of mind and strengthens the sense of belonging.

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