Costa Rica
  • Costa Rica

    Price L: €349,-


    Origin: Monte Verde

    Size: S, M, L

    Measurements L: h55cm - ø40


    Each terrarium I build has a completely unique landscape. The vegetation in Monte Verde, Costa Rica is the inspiration for this terrarium style.


    The Costa Rica terrariums contain the following plants:

    Bromelia, Syngonium, Philodendron Scandens, Fittonia, Ferns (Didymochlaena Truncatula & Platycerium), Moss (Plagiothecium Undalatum & Leucobryum glaucum)

    • All terrariums are handmade in amsterdam by myself. I work on commission so please let me know if you have a special wish or any other requirements. All the terrarium landscapes are available in different sizes and prices.


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