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What we do

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Plants are the center point of every decision we make and step we take.

Studio Wüst provides a range of tailored services to suit residential and commercial spaces across the Netherlands. We actively collaborate with brands, hotels, designers, developers and private residences to create uniquely green indoor spaces.


Previous clients include:

Soho House Amsterdam, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Seedlip, Wildernis, Sprinklr, Xccelerated, Gemeente Amsterdam, & Agency, Studio Light, Hylco Hennis, De Ceuvel, Kinder Donaties


Landscape installations

Studio Wüst passionately creates green oases and installations to connect people with living green for residential and commercial places, covering pop-up and retail spaces, pr events, launch party, etc. With a background in fashion, branding and botany we can help you to create the perfect green design that adds value to the brand identity.

Plant styling

With years of experiences with plants and styling, Studio Wüst offers interior plant styling and plant sourcing services. We can help you to add greenery to any space, specialising in residential, hospitality and workspace fit-outs. This safe you a lot of time. We will do an initial site visit and consultation to work with you on options to add greenery to your space. 

Did you know that a greener space ensures

  • Better air quality

  • Higher concentration

  • Higher productivity and creativity

  • Less stress

Plant consultations

You already have plants but you don’t know how to style or take care of them? You are at the right address! We can help you with any questions about plants, maintenance, styling, placement etc. We will do an initial site visit and consultation to make a customized plan that suits your needs.

Want to start from scratch and fill your space with plants? We offer a full-plant styling service.

Plant care and maintenance

Need greenery in your space but not sure about the ongoing maintenance? We also offer an ongoing maintenance service so you don't have to worry. This is a service that we highly recommend to our clients after completing projects. Maintenance is available weekly, fortnightly or monthly and this includes maintenance of all plants and replacing any plants if required.


Terrarium sales

We believe that a closed ecosystem is a perfect way to engage with outdoor nature in an
urban environment. We design and build self-sufficient eco-systems inspired by the natural environments Malou has visited and loved from all over the world. Each terrarium has its unique bio-atmosphere and vegetation that has derived from their growing area. 

We take private orders.

Are the plants growing out of the bottle? Had an accident? No worries, with good maintenance we ensure a fresh and healthy terrarium again! We cut your plants, redecorate them in your terrarium or rebuild one for you. Prices from €30

Terrarium workshops

Next to our terrarium sales, we are dedicated to passing on what we know through our terrarium workshops. We have held terrarium workshops for groups of all sizes (min 10) and can host the event at your location. You will get your hands dirty and feel how working with nature brings you mindfulness and relaxation. The workshop saves you time and money (terrariums are for sale from €150). The workshop will be held by terrarium expert and designer Malou in Dutch or English.


This workshop can be great for:

  • Corporate team bonding exercises

  • Birthday parties

  • Groups of friends

  • Launch events

  • PR events


Want to see our current workshop schedule or need more information? Check here!

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