As a partner of Hyatt we teamed up to showcase their new concept The Five Senses of Botany & Sustainability. Guests were able to experience every sense and we were asked to translate sense Touch. By presenting our sustainable and self-sufficient landscapes, we communicated a clear message: the beauty and versatility of nature. It is our responsibility to preserve this beautiful earth. An active message that strengthens the hotels' event concept.

For this event we put together a new terrarium workshop, where more than 50 guests created their own terrarium in a tube to take home and watch grow.


Sustainable event space

Hyatt Regency AMS

Project: The Five Senses of Botany & Sustainability

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Program: Hotel​ event space

Assignment: Showcase new sustainable event space concept. Presentation and workshop

Year: 2019

Client: Hyatt Regency Hotel

Design: Studio Wüst, Malou Wüstefeld

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