Project: The Green Entrance

Location: Fatih Mosque, Rozengracht Amsterdam

Assignment: Permanent installation

Year: 2020

Design: Studio Wüst, Malou Wüstefeld & Nanno Reveco

Photography: Malou Wüstefeld




The ambience of the entrance slows you down and brings you in a soothing mood, stimulating reflecting and relaxing energy.


We placed three sustainable corten steel planters with a natural brown-orange rusty look, each on opposite sides. The middle planter is provided with a waterfall with rotating running water. The sound of water is calming and provides a soothing atmosphere for our minds.


The planters are planted with vegetation where a look is created between desert and oasis atmosphere, aiming to evoke recognisability. This includes the Aloe Vera, Dracaena and Yukka plant. By creating a mirrored setup on both sides, the entrance radiates tranquillity. The combination between the rusty planters and the natural stone wall and floor provides an organic look.

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