Together with Wildernis I created mobile urban gardens for Photographer Jan Hoek (1984, NL) and fashion designer Duran Lantink (1987, NL). They worked together on a project about the colourful looks of transgender sex workers that roam the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Together they created a series of photographs and a fashion collection around their fashionable appearances, and their ability to make the most exuberant creations of everything they find.

The urban mobile gardens are shown on two expositions in FOAM and Concrete store and at the fashion show at Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Sistaaz of the Castle -

Mobile urban gardens

Project: Sistaaz of the Castle

Location: FOAM + Concrete store + AIFW, Amsterdam

Program: Commission landscape design

Assignment: Mobile urban gardens

Year: 2017

Client: Jan Hoek en Duran Lantink

Design: Studio Wüst, Malou Wüstefeld

Plants: Wildernis Amsterdam

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