Studio Wüst

Studio Wüst is an Amsterdam based design studio driven by the love for nature. Founded by Malou Wüstefeld, it was born out of a desire to engage with nature. We want to bring the beauty of the natural world to you.

We share what we know through our terrarium workshops and commissions alongside designing and creating botanical landscapes for private clients, brands, exhibitions, commercial and public spaces. Our work embraces indoor landscapes, plant styling and installation concepts.

"With experience in design, fashion and botany alongside a fondness for handmade products, I started to design and create botanical landscapes in 2014. I have always been fascinated by the versatility of nature and the endless, unique ecosystems that exist in the world. I think it is very important to stay connected with nature in this world of abundance to remain peace and clarity of mind. Through creating landscapes, I want to make people aware of our responsibility to preserve this beautiful earth whilst fostering a love for the natural in all its forms." - Malou

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